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Agrointex LLC

Since 2013

Agrointex LLC
  • Armenia, Yerevan, St. Koryun 21, 2-nd floor
  • Tel.: +374 77 995 997, +374 10 547 492
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  • Contact person: Mr. Vahe Saroyan


  • Installation works of anti-hail net system
  • Installation works of drip irrigation system
  • Planting of Intensive garden
  • Import of saplings, etc.


Anti-hail net system is the most effective method to prevent gardens from such unfavorable atmosphere conditions like hail and UV exposure of the sun. Besides the main purpose of protecting from hail, anti-hail net allows to distribute the sun UV equally to the plants, reduce, if necessary, the level of sun impact, as well as change the direction of sunlight on the plants

Water that is used during irrigation almost fully reaches the root system of the trees. The effectiveness of this technology reaches 90%, due to this the amount of used water decreases 3-4 times. The amount of water and minerals that is necessary for the growth and development of plants reaches the optimal level by drip irrigation. The quality and fertility of the growing plants increase by 30-50 %

Intensive garden is a garden with trees ripening early. The technology of intensive gardens’ planting implies low (dwarf) trees planting. Higher quality of the fruits during the whole period of exploiting the garden and competitive appearance of the product

The saplings are produced in European nurseries

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