SPS Cigaronne LLC

SPS Cigaronne LLC

Since 1999

SPS Cigaronne LLC


  • Cigaronne Royal Slims Black (tar 4mg; nicotine 0.4 mg)/ White (tar 3 mg; nicotine 0.2 mg)
  • Cigaronne Extra Long Black (tar 4 mg; nicotine 0.4 mg)/ White (tar 3 mg; nicotine 0.3 mg)
  • Cigaronne King Size Black (tar 4 mg; nicotine 0.4 mg)/ White (tar 3 mg; nicotine 0.3 mg)
  • Cigaronne Super Slims Black (tar 4 mg; nicotine 0.4 mg)/ White (tar 3 mg; nicotine 0.3 mg)
  • Cigaronne Ultra Slims Black (tar 4 mg; nicotine 0.3 mg)/ White (tar 3 mg; nicotine 0.2 mg)

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Established in 1999 in Yerevan, Armenia, SPS Cigaronne is a private company that manufactures and sells high-class cigarettes

The underlying principle for the establishment of SPS Cigaronne is the principle of creating cigarettes that exceed the quality standards that were accepted prior to the establishment of the company, have a unique design and meet whimsical demands from the perspective of hygiene, and the company implements this principle with success and new achievements to this day

For production of its new range of products, Cigaronne uses freshly harvested, high-quality tobacco imported from well-known Latin American and African plantations

The multi-stage process of purification of the tobacco is implemented through the application of the world’s first innovative conditioning technologies. As a result, toxic substances like chlorine, pesticides containing nitrogen and complex molecules of heteropolar compounds are removed from the raw material

Purification helps eliminate the bitter aftertaste that remains after smoking

Cigaronne’s Hollow Filter — combined with a natural substance (PERLITE) — is an exclusive phenomenon in the tobacco industry. It absorbs several toxic substances that are excreted when a cigarette burns and fully micro-filters the smoke. As a result of microfiltration, what remains in the immersed smoke is a content of a minimum, unchanged dose of resin and nicotine

The new «Cigaronne» filter is lined with a narrow strip of thin sanitary foil, which prevents the filter from softening, and adds an additional level of comfort

Exclusive cigarette paper with embossing of Griffin image formed for «SPS CIGARONNE» with permanent contract

Unique designed pack with delicate soft-touch surface. «SPS CIGARONNE» is the owner of Royal Slims trademark, developed in 2013 and protected by the international patent

Sphere of Activity

Cigarettes production and sales

Method of transportation

Sea, Air, Land

Representations in

Russia – Emil Ohanyan:
+ 7 926 333 91 04

Export experience in

USA, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Japan

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