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  • Vodka “Godfather Platinum”
  • Vodka “Godfather Ultra-Premium”
  • Vodka “H2O”

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The range of alcohol products of the company «ARSSI ALLIANCE » is introduced in two brands of vodka nowadays – « Godfather » and « H2O», which are known to the world due to their significant and distinctive properties

By their organoleptic parameters our vodkas are impeccably transparent, with their characteristic aroma and flavor without burning and bitter taste, distinguished by their flavor and mild taste, which is created by using natural ingredients. Our vodka tasters with 20 years of experience select only individual parties, which are suitable for making vodka

Water plays an important role in the production of vodka. Water is taken from highland sources

For quality control, a laboratory with the ability to register the quality and content of chemical compounds, such as aldehydes, esters, methanol, higher alcohols, is organized at the factory

At the final stage, immediately just before bottling in the vodka recipe ingredients are added that allows you to distinguish our vodka from other vodkas

Among the advantages of our vodka are soft flavor, no unpleasant smell of alcohol and the absence of a hangover sindroma

Every detail from the composition of vodka to the elements of external design is carefully developed by the specialists of the Group of Companies. In particular, the types of alcohols «ALFA» and «LUX» made from wheat grown in ecologically clean areas of the Russian Federation, and the design and manufacture of bottles was carried out in France

Vodka «H2O» -extremely soft vodka, made from high-quality «LUX» alcohols and pure waters of the Armenian highlands with the use of a unique in its kind multi-level filtration system

Absolute filtration of alcohol from toxic impurities with the removal of elements containing unpleasant tastes and odors. Completely neutralized hangover syndrome!

Vodka «Godfather Ultra-Premium» – truly the Godfather of vodka as such. Prepared from pure water of Armenian Highlands, high class alcohol «ALFA» using the most recent and advanced innovative filtration technologies. Since it does not have characteristic to alcohol pungent smell and taste, it is drunk easily and with pleasure

Vodka- «Godfather PLATINUM» – Made for connoisseurs of the finer things in life, this refined vodka embodies years of expertise, talent and true innovation. Due to its high quality characteristics, good taste and luxury packaging «GODFATHER» vodka could be a special gift for your loved ones

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