Sam-Har LLC, Sipan

Sam-Har LLC, Sipan

Since 2002

Sam-Har LLC, Sipan
  • Armenia, Kotayk Region, Abovyan City, Kotayk St. 1/73
  • Tel.:+374 93 366 663
  • E-mail:
  • Web-site:
  • Contact person: Mr. Movses Manukyan


  • Compotes
  • Jams and marmalades
  • Vegetable preserves
  • Juices and nectar
  • Water (still and sparkling)
  • Fruit purees (in bulk)
  • Fruits in syrup
  • Honey
  • Carbonated soft drinks

 Min order

Compote: 20 ft. container
Jams and marmalades: 20 ft. container
Vegetable preserves: 20 ft. container
Juices and nectars: 20 ft. container
Fruit Purees: 20 ft. container
Water: 20 ft. container
Carbonated flavored drinks (lemonade): 20 ft. container

Packaging details

Packaging could be done upon client’s request


Compotes: sour cherry, apricot, black currant, peach, wild pear, strawberry, white cherry, raspberry, blackberry, quince, feijoa, apple, cornelian cherry, blackthorn, wild plums, mixed fruits. Ingredients: fresh fruits/berries, water, sugar. Certified ISO22000 and HACCP

Jams: peach, apricot, fig

Marmalades: sour cherry, white cherry, apricot, black currant, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, green walnut, pumpkin, peach, cornelian cherry, mandarin, fig, sea buckthorn, plums, pear, quince. Ingredients: fresh fruits/berries, sugar, citric acid. Certified ISO22000 and HACCP

Vegetable preserves: Eggplant Caviar (regular, spicy and extra garlic tastes), Imam bayaldi (fried vegetables), grilled vegetables (eggplant, tomatoes and green pepper), Lecho (tomato based product), Adjika (red pepper based product). Certified ISO22000 and HACCP

Juices: cold squeezed pomegranate, cold squeezed tomatoes. Cold pressed apple, cold pressed grapes, apricot nectar, peach nectar, plums nectar, lemon nectar. Certified ISO22000 and HACCP

Water: sparkling from natural sources. Still from natural sources. Certified ISO22000 and HACCP

Fruit Purees: Apricot, peach, pumpkin, carrot, tomato, pomegranate, cornelian cherry, plums (All are single strength)

Fruits in syrup: (60% fruit – 40% syrup) apricot, peach, strawberry, sour cherry, white cherry, blackberry, raspberry. Certified ISO22000 and HACCP, and Organic

Honey: Pure honey without any additives. Certified ISO22000 and HACCP, and Organic

Carbonated flavored drinks (lemonade)

Sphere of Activity

Fruit and vegetables treatment, carbonated beverages and water bottling

Method of transportation

Sea, Land

Delivery terms

Depending on the contract

Export experience in

Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Iraq, UAE, Lebanon, USA, Lithuania, France, Australia




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