Jinj LLC

Jinj LLC

Since 1990

Jinj LLC


  • Implementation of feasibility studies and working out of development projects for reconstruction, rehabilitation and development of water supply, irrigation, wastewater systems and water resources management
  • Development of detailed designs for water supply, wastewater removal and treatment and irrigation systems
  • Selection of drinking water and wastewater treatment technologies and equipment
  • EIA and development of environmental management plans
  • Social and gender studies and surveys
  • Technical expertise of design documents
  • Construction Quality Technical Supervision Works
  • Development of Regulatory, Normative and Technical Documents
  • Training of specialists in water sector


The services provided by the company were received a high appraisal by International Selection Committee of B.I.D. (Business Initiative Directions), which awarded the following awards to the Company:

  • “International Gold Star for Quality” (Geneva, 2002)
  •  “Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Platinum Category” (Frankfurt, 2003)
  • “International Diamond Star for Quality” (Paris, 2004)
  • Quality Crown Award in the Diamond category (London, 2005)

In November 2009 the Otherways Management and Consulting Association awarded JINJ Ltd. the Diamond Eye Award for Quality Commitment and Excellence (Rome)

JINJ Company received a Gold Award in the field of “International Standards Introduction“ by the National Institute of Standards  of Armenia and Nationwide Trust Council in March 2017

In October 2017 JINJ won the “Engineering and consulting service provider in Water Supply sector” nomination at the “Public Servant of the year and Brand of the year 2017” national award ceremony organized by the “Nationwide Confidence” Board

Sphere of Activity

Consulting engineering services in the fields of water supply, sanitation, irrigation, water resources protection and management


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