Since 2008

Mane Tiles is an Armenian production, which now has 3 main lines of production; production of handmade ceramic, glazed, basalt, decorative, hand painted and terracotta tiles, production of art mosaics from ceramic tiles and natural stones, production of ceramic tableware and interior decorations. The company’s production is fully handmade, starting from the clay making process up to hand painting and glazing of the product. The tiles and mosaics produced by the company can be used both for floor and wall veneering as a unique handmade indoor and outdoor design. Ceramic tableware produced by Mane Tiles is multifunctional. As the tableware is made from natural row materials it can also be used as a serving utensil., so they can be used in the kitchen and are suitable for restaurants and hotels as a luxury dishware.


  • ceramic handmade plates, cheeseborad
  • handmade decorative tiles, terracotta tiles,
  • mosaic art

Min/Max order

Min – from 15 unit

a) Ceramic tableware.

Decorative handmade ceramic plates, cheeseboards and trays are entirely handmade, made of Armenian clay and hand painted with glaze.
Plate can be used for several purposes;

  • As a decoration
  • As a plate for serving food

Cheeseboard can be used for several purposes.

  • As a decoration
  • As a cheeseboard for serving cheese, cake and assortment of meat and more.
  • As a board on which the product can be cut /unlike wooden boards, ceramic boards do not take food odors
  • As a stand (hot boilers can be put on it, thanks to double firing it is very solid and durable
b) Decorative, ceramic, basalt, terracotta and glazed tiles.

All types of the tiles are made by Mane Tiles and are entirely handmade work. They are made of clay and hand painted with glaze. They are ideal for floor, wall and table veneering.

c) Decorative ceramic and natural stone mosaics are made by Mane Tiles.

Mosaics are entirely handmade work. They are made of ceramic glazed tiles and/or natural stones.

Sphere of Activity

Production of ceramic tiles and similar product, mosaic

Method of transportation

Railway, Sea, Land, Air

Delivery terms


Export experience in

Russia, USA




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